Wednesday, October 14, 2009


first of all if you would like to see my older posts which are probably more interesting follow this link here to my previous post

Well, today i went over to my dads house to take out all of the seats and put in the new black carpet. (pics coming soon) during the teardown of the seats and the center console i happened to find some illegal products that were not i lifted the center console they all fell out on the floor board..thrown away asap!! im not going to jail for someone elses stupidity!!!!...but anyways, i went to my "secret" fabric shop and purchased some more fabric, im going to start re-upholstering the door panels, the dash the rear seat panels in the morning and im also going to try something different with the windows...which i will post some
pictures once this project is complete. I dont want to let any of my ideas out unti it is finished. I have also gone to my local Auto Zone and picked up some new pedal covers. Pics coming up of that also. I mostly pick up my glue and other small things at my local O Reilly Auto Parts.

you can check out their webistes below

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