Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Products Used, Reviews and TIPS!!

I would like to take this free time that i have right now to post some pictures of some of the products i use and tell you a little bit about them, and some but not all of the companies that i go to just about everyday to make this project possible.

the links below are to some
but once again not all of the companies that i have been visiting just about everyday! CHECK them out, you might find something you like !!


and now below, i am going to list a few products that i use to make my car one of a kind and tell you a little bit about them. Keep in mind these are not the only products i use on my car, just some of my favorites.

1. 3m super 77 multi purpose adhesive
I would really reccomend this glue, its great for upholstery work or anything that you need to have glued down, it has a strong bond and is easy to apply and clean up, i have used this glue for all of my interior work that has been done so far.

2. Dupli-Color CHROME paint

Dupli-Color CHROME paint is a very reflective interior or exterior use type paint, i have used this product for painting some of my interior pieces. It is reccomended that you clean your pieces with soap and water before you try painting them, first i would prime them with your choice of primer but i like to use the same brand of primer. You will also want to lightly sand the pieces before priming or painting.

3. Black magic car care
I like to use black magic car care for the interior and exterior of my vehicle, they offer a line of many products that do an excellent job, for starters i would use black magics Pro Shine interior protectant, you can use this product on just about any interior piece but cloth, leather or glass, it is ideal for dashes and such. I also like to use their tire shine product which is simply called, Tire gives your tires a deep glossy black shine, spray and go formula with no wiping.

4. Turtle Wax products
im not really a big fan of any turtle wax products but i saw this on the shelf at my local O Reillys and decided i would give it a shot, after all it was the most expensive car wash they had at the time. I really liked the shine after washing my car with the ICe. Try it out sometime. not much more i can say about car wash, but...try

5. Permatex No Touch Seriously Wet Tire Shine
This is one of my favorite products that i use nearly every day. No Touch Seriously went tire shine can be picked up at your local O Reilly Auto Parts store. After washing your vehicle and all of your tires are completely dry i like to spray this onto my tires to give them that wet show room floor look that you see at the dealers. All you simply have to do is spray and go, there is no wiping or a dripping mess. Permatex No Touch seriously wet is the Serious tire shine for serious car enthusiasts. Sprays on wetter for an exceptionally long-lasting ultra high gloss "wet" finish. Utilizes 100% active shine ingredients. Protects tires from UV and ozone damage. I have also found out through experimenting that this product is also good for exterior trim pieces, thats right TRIM PIECES!!! All you have to do is spray a little bit on your favorite rag or cloth and wipe down anything from the engine compartment to the side mirrors to the window moulding, i do not reccoment getting this on your paint its a bit hard to get off afterwards. TRY IT !!

well thats all that i can think of off the top of my head, so when i get to using some more i will post up some more pics and info on the product used...thank you


first of all if you would like to see my older posts which are probably more interesting follow this link here to my previous post

Well, today i went over to my dads house to take out all of the seats and put in the new black carpet. (pics coming soon) during the teardown of the seats and the center console i happened to find some illegal products that were not i lifted the center console they all fell out on the floor board..thrown away asap!! im not going to jail for someone elses stupidity!!!!...but anyways, i went to my "secret" fabric shop and purchased some more fabric, im going to start re-upholstering the door panels, the dash the rear seat panels in the morning and im also going to try something different with the windows...which i will post some
pictures once this project is complete. I dont want to let any of my ideas out unti it is finished. I have also gone to my local Auto Zone and picked up some new pedal covers. Pics coming up of that also. I mostly pick up my glue and other small things at my local O Reilly Auto Parts.

you can check out their webistes below

Monday, October 12, 2009

Custom Cavalier Build

So i have just recently purchased a 1996 Chevy Cavalier. It was in pretty rough condition so i have decided to redo the interior and exterior of the vehicle. So far i have painted the calipers and brake drums metallic silver, i have been wrapping the interior in different material and painted some of the interior accent pieces also in metallic silver. I will try and post some before and after pictures so that you can see what kind of condition it was in when i brought it home and what its starting to look like now. I have also added clear projector headlights and chrome euro tail lights. I have also cut down the shifter about one to two inches and painted my rims black because they were starting to rust and just looked.....ugly

The picture to the left (TOP) is what the rear exterior used to look like the day i brought it home. The tail lights were all cracked and busted and the wing needed to be polished and shined before i was putting it on the car. The picture to the left (BOTTOM) is what the rear exterior of the car looks like has the wing on and the euro tails put in. As you can see my rims have also been painted black until i save enough money to buy some new ones.

Now, the interior is a diff
erent story. I don't know what they were thinking when they thought that they were pros at customizing vehicles but the interior was painted what looked to me as if it was John Deere green paint, they also bought some ugly green velvet and wrapped the door mirror pieces and the center console.
and the picture to the left is what the interior used to look like the day that i brought her home...yea let me tell ya it was HORRIBLE !! white and green!! and it doesnt even match the exterior of the car. Also, you can see the velvet material they were using on the mirror window piece and on the center console.. now, lets look at what i have done to the car so far :D

i have wrapped the interior in that type of not going to tell anybody where i purchased this material because i want this vehicle to be the only one in the area that looks like this. As of right now i have wrapped the headliner, door jams, A/C control, Rear window speaker bezel (with custom name board, see pic) and the side mirror retainers


Above are the pictures i have taken after i have wrapped some pieces, the first picture is the A/C control unit with metallic silver knobs, second is the passenger side mirror retainer, third is the rear window speaker bezel before the wrap and the forth picture is after it was wrapped name plate was made and it was all put back together. the fifth picture is of the drivers side fuse box lid inside the door jam. The sixth picture is the headliner after it was wrapped and installed. The seventh pictures is the headliner before it was re installed. The eighth is the shifter knob shaved down two inches. The 9th picture is the glove box lid and the passenger side door jam dash piece and the 10th picture is the painted vent bezel and defrost vent. Finally the last picture is of the dash straight on after it was wrapped.

stay tuned for more to come......



I would also like to send out some thank yous to a few people that have helped out with my project, i would like to thank my brother SHAWN for helping with some of the interior pieces..I would also like to thank BRANDON MASTERS for also helping me quite a bit with the interior girlfriend EMMA for being there for the support and not freaking out when im in the shed working on it late late hours into the my dad RODNEY for allowing me to use his garage and tools so that this project can be done..My good friends the RHODES family for also allowing me to use their shed and tools, my GRANDMOTHER for helping out a little bit when money was a bit tight...just a few dollars here and there for glue and other small things.